“As a designer you have to pay attention to everything, to observe things, think about them, and respond to them.”

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Jonny was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest in the 'City of Destiny'. He is a designer whose works
traverse the lines between art, engineering, and fashion. His work typically challenges traditional notions
of basic thinking by creating beautiful, intuitive, and highly crafted solutions with emerging technologies.

Growing up Jonny began to cultivate his artistic talents acknowledged by educators, friends, and strangers.
By the the sixth grade he had won art competitions and held his first solo art show. Not only is he creative
but also an analytical thinker. By displaying exceptional knowledge in mathematics and science throughout
high school, achieving a bachelor’s degree in design engineering proceded. What interests Jonny is the whole
process of designing new and alternative concepts to building the next generation of products.
The future is unpredictable but his destiny is the journey of a versatile designer.

With a artistic foundation and knowledge of design – this is design by
Jonny Tran

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